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Real Estate Agent Safety


Real Estate Agents face a high risk of violent encounters in the workplace, more so than many other professions.  This highly specific mini-class was developed to address this reality and to help Agents become better protected and prepared to face this reality. 


We will cover identifying risk activities, situational awareness, encounter avoidance, commonly used cell phone safety features, legal use of force, and defensive options.


Real estate agents face a high risk of violent encounters in the workplace, more so than many other professions. Which is why the USCCA has developed a highly specific Mini-Class to address this reality.


This 1 to 2-hour course will be instructor led, held virtually through Zoom, where your instructor will guide you through the following lessons:

  • How to identify job-related activities that put agents at risk of an attack.

  • Situational Awareness: Teach students the finer points of tuning into their environment, helping them avoid a potentially violent encounter.

  • Commonly used cell phone safety features and apps that can be used to keep agents safe.

  • Legal use-of-force: What criteria must be met before an agent can use reasonable or deadly force – and the consequences that might follow.

  • Defensive Options: Armed, unarmed and less lethal.


Agents, use this opportunity to become better protected and prepared today!

Students will receive a zoom link for the course within the week prior to the course.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure they are logged in on time with sufficient bandwidth at a distraction free location.  It is recommended to test your settings and connection prior to the course to ensure you have a trouble-free connection when necessary.

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