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Citadel Training Solutions


Available by online reservation only.

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What is a Shooting Simulator?

Our shooting simulator operates using the Smokeless Range® 2.0 software from Laser Ammo Training Technologies, bringing you the same leading technology designed for civilian, law enforcement, and military markets world wide.  High resolution videos and images are projected onto a 12 foot wide screen and a camera detects the IR "shots" each time a weapon is fired to provide you instentanious feedback.


Our armory consists of officially licensed replica firearms that are equipped with an IR Laser Ammo barrel.  Being gas powered, these firearms provide full blowback to authentically recoil or cycle the weapon, however only an IR laser is safely projected towards your target.​

Within the footprint of our shooting simulator, we have actual barricades to use as shooting platforms or cover & concealment options in movement drills while engaging the targets or threats within the shooting simulation.  The combination of realistic HD visual projections, recoil enabled training guns, real time interactive feedback, and real barricades within the actual footprint work together to provide you with a truly immersive and realistic training environment.

You will be able to generate muscle memory and master the same fundamentals practiced on a live fire range, such as sight acquisition, trigger control, grip & stance, tracking, transitions, etc...  Additionally due to the improved safety environment and platform, you will be able to practice many skills not permitted or possible at many indoor ranges, such as drawing from concealment to engage threats, lateral movements to get off the X, firing from seated, kneeling, or prone positions, interacting with video scenarios to realistically react to potential use of force situations, and much more!​

Available Activities

Self-Defense Simulator

Video Scenerio Trainer Pro

Practice use of force and put your situational awareness skills to the ultimate test to determine if it is a shoot or no shoot type of scenario and act accordingly. ​  Depending on the shooters actions and instructors input, each of the 100+ scenerios may have different outcomes.

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Tactical Targets

The ultimate test of your target identification skills!  In five different courses of fire, target presentation of shoot/no shoot targets are randomized each time you move through a variety of environments to ensure training never gets old.  One course of fire is timed to really test your skills!

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Open Range

Various timed courses of fire set in both indoor and outdoor environments, with steel, paper, and other targets that will have motion applied, such as pop-up or knock down.  Sounds will also be applied, such as shots and steel target hits. to simulate live fire training.

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Game Range Alpha

Recreational games to add more fun into your training while still working on your marksmanship skills.  An immersive arcade experience with vibrant colorful design, challenging shooting drills and engaging fun for the entire family.

Virtual Shooting Range Simulator

Shooter vs Shooter

Shooters may go head to head in several available friendly competitions.  All details are captured for after action review, such as times, number of hits, number of misses, etc...

Who is the better shot?  This is where you will find out!

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Competitive Shooter - ISPC

Ideal for shooters training for their next ISPC match/competition.  Each stage includes multiple targets, stationary & moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty targets, or partially covered targets, obstacles, and more!  Each stage in every course of fire uses actual targets & setups you'd see on match day!

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