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Children's Firearms & Safety Fundamentals


As responsible gun owners, we have a duty to teach our children how to become responsibly armed Americans and save lives.  Education is the first step in teaching children about firearms and how to act around them.


If we choose to isolate children from firearms instead of educating, the greater natural curiosity they will have. The more we talk about and practice real gun safety measures with every member of our family, the safer we will be.


Open to ages 9+, our Child Safety Series will allow you to teach your child accident prevention and gun safety, but then move into familiarization and responsible shooting when you feel they are ready.


This series is designed to replace a childs natural curiosity with a safety-first mindset and a healthy respect for responsible gun ownership and handling.   Your child will be introduced to firearms with inert training aids and age appropriate teaching methods and material.  As your child is comfortable and advances, shooting may safely occur on our virtual shooting range with recoil enabled replica firearms.

The first class of the series, CFSF 101, focuses on accident prevention, safety basics, and universal safety rules.  If comfortable, your child may handle inert training "dummy" guns during this class.

The second class of the series, CFSF 201, focuses on familiarizing your child with common types of hang guns and long guns, focussing on the parts and how they operate.  If comfortable, your child may handle replica or real firearms with inert rounds, or Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) pistols.

The thrird class of the series, CFSF 301, focusses on shooting fundamentals and range rules/ettequet.  If comfortable, your child will implement the fundamentals learned on our virtual shooting range using gas blowback replica firearms equipped with a laser barrel.

Upon successful completion of the series, your child will be confident in their skills to advance to live fire at an indoor our outdoor range.  No live ammunition is permitted in the classroom for any instruction.

Child Gun Safety

CFSF 101

- Accident Prevention & Safety Basics

- Firearm Safety Rules

Children Handgun & Long Gun Familiarization

CFSF 201

- Handgun Familiarization

- Long Gun Familiarization

child vr.jpg

CFSF 301

- Range Rules & Ettiquett

- Shooting Fundamentals

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