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Save A Life: Restart The Heart

Adult, Child, & Infant CPR/AED


Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies to help save a life when seconds count!

It is necessary to know the skills for adults and kids, therefore our course covers the knowledge and skills for adult, child, and infant resuscitation techniques.

Contact us to schedule a private classes of 5 or more.

Bleed Control.png

Save A Life:
Control The Bleed


Participants will learn how to control severe arterial bleeding using commercial tourniquets or improvised methods, apply compression bandages, pack wounds, and treat chest injuries.

Contact us to schedule a private classes of 5 or more.

First Aid accident

Emergency First Aid Fundamentals


If you're ready to become your family's first responder in an emergency situation, like a car accident, serious fall, gunshot wound, or other medical emergencies, this First Aid/CPR course cannot be missed.  You will learn how to properly assess a patient and how to deal with significant issues such as venous and arterial bleeding, compromised airway, head, chest, and spinal injuries, broken bones, heart attacks, seizures, strokes, and more!  This course concludes with learning how to build your own First Aid/Trauma Kit.

Course textbook ($35 value) included with registration.

Contact us for group rates on private classes tailored to your needs.

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