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MD Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Class


This course is specifically designed to meet the State training requirements to obtain a Handgun Qualification License (HQL), which is required by residents to purchase or receive a handgun within the State.

Please review training exemptions to determine if you are required to take this course.

This would be a great basic handgun course for anyone who desires to gain confidence in the safe operation of their handgun.


Are you wishing to purchase your first handgun, but may not be confident with a firearm?  Before we go further, I want to say congratulations on taking your first step to take charge of your personal protection!  This basic handgun course will meet the 4-hour training requirements to apply for your Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL), but it will also go much further than the minimum requirements.

Unlike many other instructors that will have you sit for a long 4-hour lecture and then fire a single round downrange on an assembly line, we feel that it is our duty to provide you with quality hands-on training during your investment of time and money.  

You will learn Maryland and Federal firearm laws, legal use of force in the home, and how to safely store a firearm within your home.  After reviewing handgun operation, you will have the opportunity to perform hands-on safety checks, load, unload, clear malfunctions, and operate a revolver and semi-automatic handgun using inert training aids.  You will then use a SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) laser training pistol to begin to learn the fundamentals of grip, stance, trigger control, and the many elements that go into safe and accurate shooting.  You will then progress to a .43 caliber CO2 powered training pistol (exact replica and external functions of an actual firearm), where you will apply those same fundamentals with recoil and marking projectiles on target.  At this point, you will be confident in your abilities and ready for live fire.

Now that you are fully confident in owning and operating a firearm, the course will then walk you through the HQL application process and the 77R to purchase/transfer a firearm, so you may then effortlessly complete the administrative steps to accomplish your goal of purchasing your first handgun.


Class topics covered will include:

  • State Firearm Law

  • Home Firearm Safety

  • Handgun Mechanisms & Operation

  • Live Fire Operation & Handling Demonstration

  • HQL Application Process

  • 77R Application Process (Purchase/Transfer of firearm)

  • Legal Use Of Force  (Inside of home)

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