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MD Handgun Qualification License Class


This course is specifically designed to meet the State training requirements to obtain a Handgun Qualification License (HQL), which is required by residents to purchase or receive a handgun within the State.

Please review training exemptions to determine if you are required to take this course.

This would be a great basic handgun course for anyone who desires to gain confidence in the safe operation of their handgun.


At its core, this is a Basic Handgun Course that has been specifically tailored to meet the minimum 4-hour State training requirements to apply for your Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL).  Additionally, this course will satisfy anyone's need for basic handgun training to gain confidence in the safe operation and storage of your firearm within the state of Maryland.


Class topics covered will include:

  • State Firearm Law

  • Home Firearm Safety

  • Handgun Mechanisms & Operation

  • Live Fire Operation & Handling Demonstration

  • HQL Application Process

  • 77R Application Process (Purchase/Transfer of firearm)

  • Legal Use Of Force  (Inside & outside of home)


Upon completion of this course, you will receive the certification necessary to apply for your Handgun Qualification License (HQL).

Your HQL application fee and LiveScan fingerprints are not included with this course.

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