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The Legal Use of Force


This course will cover important legal topics, including the laws governing the use of force inside and outside of the home. 


In this lesson, you will get a chance to test what you've learned using several real-world scenarios with you as the actor.


Whether you choose to arm yourself or not, the laws and material covered in this course will apply to everyone.  The knowledge gained here could very likely save you financial and criminal liability stress if you were ever forced to defend yourself during a violent encounter.

You could find yourself upon a violent encounter at a moment's notice and your use of force in defense of yourself or others in that moment has the potential to irreversibly change your life.  You may only have seconds to respond to this encounter and that moment of time should not be the first time you have thought about how to appropriately and legally counter the threat.

This 1 to 2-hour course will be instructor led, held virtually through Zoom, where your instructor will guide you through the following lessons:

  • Reasonable Force

  • Deadly Force

  • The Use-Of-Force Continuum

  • How a Prosecutor Will Evaluate Your Case

  • Defense of the Home

  • Defense of Property

  • Guided Scenario Simulations

Students will receive a zoom link for the course within the week prior to the course.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure they are logged in on time with sufficient bandwidth at a distraction free location.  It is recommended to test your settings and connection prior to the course to ensure you have a trouble-free connection when necessary.

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