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Handgun qualification license, basic handgun operation and cleaning

MD Handgun Qualification License


This course is specifically designed to meet the State training requirements to obtain a Handgun Qualification License (HQL), which is required by residents to purchase or receive a handgun within the State.

Please review training exemptions to determine if you are required to take this course.

This would be a great basic handgun course for anyone who desires to gain confidence in the safe operation of their handgun.

Instructor training concealed carry class

Maryland Wear & Carry

$175 Original / $100 Renewal

Successful completion of this course (to include live fire range qualification) will meet the training requirements to renew or apply for the Maryland Wear and Carry Permit.

If you choose to carry a firearm, you drastically increase your level of responsibility, and this course will equip you with the knowledge and understanding that you need in order to carry confidently and safely.


Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals has a lot to offer new and experienced gun owners to ensure that you will walk away equipped with the knowledge and confidence you need to own and carry a concealed firearm.

Course textbook ($35 value) included with registration.

Woman handgun shooting

Women's Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals


Whether you've never touched a firearm, you're looking for the next steps in your training, or you've chosen to learn about the skills, tools, and mindset needed to use firearms for self defense, you will be prepared to confidently use your firearm with tips & techniques learned in this course. 


The purpose of this training curriculum is to provide a distinctly feminine approach to personal defense, which will help you build confidence in your abilities as a gun owner.

Course textbook ($35 value) included with registration.

Holster Draw.jpg

Drawing From Concealment 101


Now that you have your permit, what's next?  Are you comfortable with your ability to draw your weapon in an emergency situation?  Would you like to train in a real world environment, but without the risk?


This course will instruct students on how to safely and tactically draw a firearm from the holster and present to the target effectively and timely.  Using a SIRT Training Pistol, students will engage threats in simulated real world scenarios to test both their firearm manipulation skills and use of force judgement.

Defensive shooting class

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals


This course moves beyond "marksmanship" shooting at the range and is the foundation of armed self-defense training.  The fundamentals learned here can help guide your mental and physical responses in a real life self defense situation. 


Whether you want to reliably put rounds on target or build your skills for rapid acquisition and engagement of targets, you will find these skills and more in this course.

Private firearm instruction

Private Instruction


Do you prefer individualized instruction versus group courses?  Do you want to work on a specific skill or develop your own training regiment?  Our instructors have you covered with private instructional opportunities. 


Call/text to (240) 457-1306 or email with any questions that you may have.

Available to new and advanced shooters.

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