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Church Safety:  Protecting Your Congregation


This course focuses specifically on lessons which can help to better protect your House of Worship through being able to identify a mass shooter, creating an Emergency Operations Plan, and learning how to treat traumatic injuries that may occur. 


This lesson covers specific considerations related to Houses of Worship, teaches you how to evaluate your current level of security, and offers practical exercises to practice the lessons being taught.


This 4 to 5-hour comprehensive course is based on our Countering the Mass Shooter Threat course, but specifically tailored for and to help prevent mass shootings in houses of worship.

In this course, you will pour over data collected from 48 mass shootings, finding similarities along the way which will lead you to a conclusion that answers the question – what can be done to counter this threat?  Once you’ve learned all you can from these historical events, you’ll begin to understand the importance of developing an Emergency Operations Plan, and the systematic forethought that goes into mass casualty preparation.

A course textbook ($35 value) is included in the cost of your registration fee.


This 4 to 5-hour course will be instructor led, held virtually through Zoom, where your instructor will guide you through the following lessons:

What Have We Learned About Mass Shooters?

  • Mass shootings by the numbers.

  • Would reducing magazine capacity work?

  • Would banning AR-15s or other firearms work?

  • Do gun free zones help or hurt?

  • Does victim response make a difference?

  • What are universal background checks, and would they stop mass shootings?

  • What about terrorist watch lists and no fly lists?

Countering the Threat:

  • Know the signs.

  • Create an Emergency Operations Plan.

  • Special considerations for Houses of Worship.

  • Run, Hide, Fight.

  • Triage and Treat the Wounded.

Students will receive a zoom link for the course within the week prior to the course.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure they are logged in on time with sufficient bandwidth at a distraction free location.  It is recommended to test your settings and connection prior to the course to ensure you have a trouble-free connection when necessary.

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