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Drawing from Concealment 101


Now that you have your permit, what's next?  Are you comfortable with your ability to draw your weapon in an emergency situation?  Would you like to train in a real world environment, but without the risk?


This course will instruct students on how to safely and tactically draw a firearm from the holster and present to the target effectively and timely.  Using a SIRT Training Pistol, students will engage threats in simulated real world scenarios to test both their firearm manipulation skills and use of force judgement.


Although not strictly required, this course is intended for students who already have their concealed carry permit and have already received training on use of force laws.  This course will expand on that knowledge and take your confidence to the next level by ensuring you have the skills to safely and tactically draw a firearm from the holster and present it to engage threats in real world scenarios.

By using a SIRT Training Pistol, students will have the look and feel of a real firearm while they learn this skill, but have none of the traditional risks that are associated with the same training in a live fire environment.  Students will be able to see and track their shot placement on targets with the indicating laser system.

A SIRT Training Pistol and holster will be provided for use during the drills.  Students may bring their own firearm and holster if they wish to test proficiency on their actual weapon system at the conclusion of the course in a dry fire drill.  NO LIVE AMMUNITION SHOULD BE BROUGHT INTO THE CLASSROOM.

This course will be held in Waldorf, MD, however the exact training location(s) will be provided to registered students in a private email within the week prior to the class for planning and security reasons.

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