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Available Training We Have To Offer
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Firearms Training

From basic proficiency to concealed carry, we have you covered.  Private lessons are also available for special needs or training regiments.

Victim being rescued from first aid situation

First Aid Training

When seconds count, your actions or inaction could be the difference between life or death.  Make sure you have the knowledge to act.

Crime Scene

Safety Courses

We have safety courses designed for a variety of professions and groups.  We can hold them virtually, in our classroom, or come to you.

We Believe Everyone Should Take Charge Of Their Personal Safety & Security

Our Goal Is To Give You Knowledge & Skills To Build Your First Line Of Defense And Better Protect Yourself & Your Family In Any Given Crisis.

Reading a Compass for preparedness

Give The Gift of Preparedness
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Firearms instructor training student

About Citadel Training Solutions, LLC

Founded in 2023 and based in Waldorf MD, Citadel Training Solutions aims to provide quality training courses in Southern Maryland and beyond with virtual and in-person training opportunities designed to help you take charge of your personal safety and that of your family.


We are a strong second amendment supporter and fully believe that inalienable right "shall not be infringed".  With equal passion, we adamantly believe that it is EVERY gun owner's obligation to receive adequate training to ensure that they are able to proficiently & safely operate, store, and transport their firearm(s).

We very much believe in family first and is demonstrated by the variety of courses offered.  All of our courses have one commonality among them, they are designed to help ensure that you and your family are fully prepared to respond to any crisis that you may be presented with.

At our core, we are fully committed to delivering a quality product and will not cut corners to save time or a buck.  Our goal will always be to ensure you end your course with more quality "tools in your toolbox" to prepare you for what life may have to offer.

We live, work, and reside in this community and rely on your word of mouth to help us grow and meet our goals.

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